The sweet and sour

I am sure that you are a qualified and eligible reader since you have reached my blog. Establishing an association and a connection between you and my second blog is perhaps a troublesome errand. I’ll be discussing the subject on which this site is based upon: Freedom of expression.The task is to present both of the sides.  I’ll attempt to keep this an intriguing experience since your interest matters the most, or isn’t that right?


Humanity sees itself as the predominant living life form among the other breathing species. Truth expressed, and never questioned why. I, in that case, consider our USP the freedom of expression or the privilege to talk unreservedly. Since ancient times, man has attached great importance to his fundamental right of expression. He regarded this right as his proud possession. He defended this right with all his might. If necessary, he even laid down his life to uphold this precious right. History is replete with examples of thousands of men, women, intellectuals, philosophers, artists, writers, politicians, etc, having fought and sacrificed their lives for the sake of this freedom. The very ground you are standing on is a result of such act.

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Compact and to the point is what i’m searching for here. Infusing such rights into the human mind and giving the independence to utilize it might have blended effects. We’re all piece of the yin yang idea. A human is a cocktail  of good and bad which projects out specific feelings which lead to distinctive recognitions and perceptions. Activities, then, are acted on the base of such perceptions. Books, insightful articles are maybe the last step that separates appropriate from wrong. The initial step is the human set of principles which is past the idea of any ethnicity or nationality. Liberty begins when the privilege to talk is given. As clarified, it is generally utilized for the advantage of humanity and for an assigned, indicated cause. Be that as it may, at times, this is utilized as a part of the most ghastly and in the most hideous way imaginable. As a shield; just to support the crimes and actions the human race delivers.


Just like you, I understand the deep concept and essentiality of how important it is for an individual to be vocal. My support goes out to such notion. It is highly important that an unjust act be condemned. What many individuals don’t comprehend is that being allowed to voice out your supposition on issues accompany duties. An obligation of picking your words deliberately and ensuring no one gets hurt simultaneously. Being free is being represented by your psyche. Confiding in yourself to settle on the correct decisions and not let your feelings get included, on the grounds that when you begin thinking with your body and not your mind just, inconvenience begins to unfurl. The issue with today’s generation is straightforward. We jump before we look, which shouldn’t be so.


The right to freedom of expression is a valuable right of human race. It is a fruit of democracy. It should be enjoyed, nursed and preserved. However, it should not be allowed to be misused as a license by any person.


Author: zahabahmad1

I never do what I say I'll do. That's my charm ;)

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