Just another Blogger!

Why did the chicken cross the road? I think you all know the answer so I’ll spare the lame answer. I cracked that joke just so you could get to know me, I’m funny, lively and I like taking joy in the little things of life. I am a strong believer of this famous  quote:     

Now I may not be a professional blogger, but hey, this is a start, give me a chance and I might just make sense. I don’t like standing out and my main motive in life is not to be better than others, but just to be better than I was before.

I like surfing the net, watching movies, playing with pets, swimming and exercising (I adore food at the same time.

Like all of you out there, I have a role model as well, he was no celebrity but he was an admirable personality and I aspire to be as intelligent, inquisitive and successful as my grandfather. I have a very small circle of friends, but I select them wisely and I am blessed to have them.


Life has its ups and downs but what really matters Is for you to get right back up every time you stumble and you’ll do just fine. I only get this positivity when I see the country I live in and realize how I am one of the blessed ones and I hope to help those who were not as lucky as me in whatever way I can. For this purpose, I do some social work every summer. My social work may not be working for big NGO’s, it may also be starting by the helpers in my own home.


Proper speech is an art yet to be learned.

As far as my opinion is concerned; communicating with neutral tone and thoughts is a difficult task but no impossible. There have been instances when people believe that freedom of speech is important and sometimes people believe that it does not mean anything. There has always been a conflict between this 2 people.

  1. Freedom of speech on online forums: 

    Free speech certainly enables uncomfortable ideas to exist online, often forever because “the Internet records everything and forgets nothing”.  The right to be forgotten is a modern answer to removing unwanted, outdated, or irrelevant personal information from the Internet. The regulation of hate speech also demonstrates the shifting social context of intellectual freedom towards a right not to be offended. A brand-new European Commission agreement allows four major U.S. companies – Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Microsoft – to block “illegal hate speech” and their users to report offensive images or speech.


  2. Freedom of speech and privacy: 

    Both freedom of speech and privacy are fundamental rights, which are equally recognized by everyone and all kinds of institutions all around the globe. It is generally thought that these two rights must be in conflict with each other, and sometimes that is the case. But quite often privacy is necessary for freedom of speech (or expression).

  3. Preserving Intellectual Freedom: 

    So what do we do?  How do we balance the old with the new, the traditional with the progressive?  How do we unite the future of intellectual freedom with its foundation?
    There is no simple answer to these complex legal and social questions.  As advocates of equity, diversity, and inclusion, we must remember that free speech is an essential component of social change.  To paraphrase Charles Brownstein, the Executive Director of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, free speech and social justice are allies, not enemies.
    Progress depends on the free exchange of ideas, access to information, and the opportunity to decide for ourselves.  Progress stops when we remove certain materials because they are offensive, unorthodox, or otherwise upsetting.  Thus, we must not use social justice as a weapon against free speech.  Rather, we must preserve First Amendment values in libraries, publishing, advocacy, and scholarship. Censorship is never the appropriate reaction to controversy.

Freedom of Speech

Listen to my voice. If you require a reason for doing so, let it be only that I am human, individual, and I possess a voice. If you require a more compelling reason, let it be that I have something to say. This is my case; it is no different than yours.
Whatever goes on in the cloud of human consciousness is anyone’s intellectual property, and sharing it, in any manner whatsoever, is their right. Humans are a gregarious group of people who happen to require others as tools to further their stay on this little green planet. Talking, as we all know and understand, is not a problem for many among us; having words inside our heads is quite possibly one of our greatest human qualities. However, the problem arises when certain people dictate what to say, what to think, what to share.
The bulk of controversy surrounding this vast plane of words and expressions is concerned with organized thought forms and ideologies taking issue with what is said. Be it religion, culture or common law; we are no stranger to incidents of words purportedly ‘offending’ certain groups. Make no mistake: an ugly thought targeted at someone is wrong and there is no alibi for it. However, a thought in the semblance of words is still a thought, and not warranting of any action outside the realm of words. An offensive statement is only offensive if one believes it to be so – perhaps, this is why standup comedians swinging their feet in the murky waters of Dark Comedy or Satire face a lot of backlash. And yet they persevere, because they understand fully what the English author George Orwell once wrote:
“Nothing is your own except the few cubic centimetres inside your skull.”
And that is a beautiful thing to have.

On Aging

What i mean when i talk about age, if ever i talk about age, is the part where we are becoming old. Becoming, and not growing, because as a child i used to think that things that were grown were either plucked from the earth and sent to our stomachs or otherwise were old, moustachioed bald men like my father who knew things a little too well to ever agree to going into our stomachs.

181673_10150142578949923_879504_n (1).jpg
At some point it turned into a matter of choice: which words should I use? ‘Grownups’ suggested stasis, as if every cellular detail of your being had arrested itself into a reorganized state that was, more or less, a bad makeover that entered you into the stage of ‘grown up’, (second cousin to old), shortened to ‘grownup’ because saying it slowly, with the space, required you to appreciate a timespan where there was none. This sort of stuff just happens, and that’s the end of it. No beginning-middle-end but a precipitous fall from unhappening to happening.
Again, grown was wrong, too, because you didn’t usually grow so much as you did the opposite of it, which was to lose certain things, a lot of which concerned (but were not limited to) hair and things falling. You were rewired entirely, quietly. Your skin robbed of adolescent vigour – the water structures of your seventy-percent water housing body crumbled and collapsed under the weight of their state of matter, reducing you to a liquid monolith that sloshed about and talked up other monoliths and occasionally went to the gym to hide its improper gait and vulnerability behind a veneer of health and supposed permanence.
16178486_10155016207484923_2730541000579220762_o (1).jpg
But the skin and hair didn’t matter as much as the corruption of the head, where little outposts of hate and prejudice and envy and malice were raised from the fissures of a brain that had previously enabled you to love others and yourself as one, because you didn’t know any better, or weren’t taught so by that point.
Inside of you the ocean turned and warmed and emotions grew grotesque extensions to reflect the world around, mimoids to mirror the ugly, asymmetric designs to summon the degenerate and the unwholesome of thought with the whispers, ‘this is the way to live in the real world, this is the way to grow.’
And then it happened, an instantaneous change from normal colour to red-brown. every sense of yours tinged in sepia, where touch translated to lego blocks, smell sang of grass and your tongue reminded you of cotton candy and sand. everything draped in a nostalgic sheen where memory, rememory and the present mixed homogenously, the growth spectrum collapsed and you were become old, dragging one leg in the old and another inthe new that had no choice but to become old, you were grown, growing further to your one true fate since time immemorial of a man condemned to the tragic state of being old for much longer than you were young.
That is age. That is what i want to talk about, if ever I talk about anything.
evolution-of-man copy.jpg

Free speech is not cost free.

Freedom of speech. The literal meaning of the two main words in this statement are so liberating in themselves that people often forget that when negating the statement. In most countries in the world, freedom of speech is one basic human right but the consensus that it should be exercised varies from people to people. What is this right to begin with? It basically is having to be able to speak their mind and heart without anyone being able to question them. Now the thought might arise in someones mind that why would someone not like having the will to be free, to have sovereignty within yourself. In my opinion, it is because humans are so helpless by their very nature that they feel so empowered by their liberty and often tend to forget the feelings of their fellow beings. They forget that their words tend to have such a lasting impact on the life, the mind, the actions of another person.

freedom_of_speech-e1279774541680 (1)

In a country like Pakistan where there are divided sentiments about the freedom of speech and ratio between the liberal and conservative community has never been balanced or certain, this right is both a blessing and curse. It would be a tough row to hoe out if a correlation is drawn with events occurring in my country in order to the back the former statement so i would just state a recent event which occurred in Mardan University where a young student was recently killed due to exercising his basic human right.

Many have been interested about the idea of the right to speak freely. Essentially, this is a term that includes laws and directions on what people can state or can’t. As it were, it has the impact to control individuals’ dialect and thought. The United States among different nations have valued Freedom of Speech as they have considered it to be an essential right being shared by natives. Indeed, it has remained a colossal piece of the American culture. Be that as it may, there are steady annulments being postured against this idea. Maybe a couple of advantages and disadvantages of the right to speak freely can make it less demanding to settle on regardless of whether it ought to remain a noteworthy piece of the individuals.


This idea permits a man to have the ensured right of telling others about your considerations. In like manner, this will in any case let you say what you have to without the danger of fines or prison time regardless of the possibility that individuals don’t care for your thoughts. The idea of the right to speak freely has been viewed as a fundamental right by numerous in which they think of it as a premise in the continuation of well-being and prosperity of freedom. However, there are a few points that come mind with regards to the right to speak freely which can be hurtful and harmful to others.



As per article,freedom of speech also does not allow slander, libel, sedition, copyright infringement and revelation of classified knowledge. Viewed against these restrictions on US society, the constitution of Pakistan, under Article 19, explicitly lays down: “Every citizen shall have the right to freedom of speech and freedom of press, subject to any reasonable restrictions imposed by law in the interest of the glory of Islam, or the integrity, security and defence of Pakistan or any part thereof, friendly relations with foreign states, public order, decency or morality, or in relation to contempt of court, commission or incitement to an offence.”

5 Things to Think Before you Speak!

To my fellow readers, social media users and most importantly my KEYBOARD WARRIORS I am here to talk about some things that you should keep in mind, (being a responsible young individual in this growing society) before you update that Facebook Status, Tweet your thoughts or even, let’s say, move a finger on social media.

  • Speak the truth and only the truth and nothing BUT the truth!


Freedom of speech comes parallel with your morals. Only speak the truth and avoid all kinds of false alarms and allegations. Your words can spread like wild fire on the media and you don’t want yourself or anyone else getting into trouble now do you?

  • Avoid all Biases


Its human nature to be leaning towards one side of a situation due to personal reasons, but as a responsible blogger you must know of that thin line between supporting your cause and justifying it even when it’s wrong. Your point Is not to prove the world you’re right, it should be towards the betterment.

  • You’re entitled to your own opinion, as are others!


Don’t forget that you will be met by differing opinions on such a vast forum. Sensitive topics like religion, politics and ideologies change from person to person, so do not at any point think that you are right while the others are wrong. Just as you have your reasons to support your cause, so do others.

  • DON’T pick up controversial topics for the sake of getting likes.


It’s become a trend. You see a blog, you read a blog, and you comment under it just for the sake of picking up a debate. Healthy debate is good, but a useless argument just to prove you can be a good speaker really disses the idea of freedom of speech on social Media.

  • Don’t target others just to hurt them.

A recent trend that started on Facebook (Don’t be a media bully)  which I came across and felt the need to voice was how people started sharing pictures of some people and making memes out of them as a humiliation to the person in the picture. Don’t do that, free speech does not mean you are entitled to say anything and everything.

Another brick in the wall


Time transgresses all bounds, changing the course of things which lie in its path, like a river eroding its way through land determining its path with unstoppable force. I lied in the path of time as well, letting it change me from phase to phase, from year to year.
Born into the world, I breathed my first gasp of air on a fine winter morning 12th November, 1994. Ever since that moment I have flowed with the current of time, trying to go against it, trying to fight it for I was an individual and never a sheep. School life ended in the blink of an eye and it was over before any of us could understand the velocity with which it went by. It was during the time of my post A level gap year during which things started making sense for me. A sense of direction prevailed within my vision as I set out for a quest of self-discovery. With a year of liberty, a year without educational pressures, a year without other responsibilities I managed to incorporate my passions within the limited time on earth.

all my life

The wimpy kid who was scared of lizards and cockroaches was now facing his actual fears rather than living in their shadow. I filled up copies after copies with thoughts that filled up my mind, trying really hard to make them rhyme. Never really reading into the work of renowned poets the only inspiration came from within my own self. I just liked the power of expressing my thoughts onto a crumbled piece of paper making the words rhyme to my liking. It felt amazing. I’m no poet neither do I intend on being one, but the way I satisfied myself with my ability to reflect upon my own thoughts through the power of the pen made me digest my own self a little better. Lyrics were written for songs that I intended on recording later in my life with my band Madlock.


Madlock till date must be my most prized possession. A rock band that came about as a result of best friends wanting to play some unrelenting rock music together. Similar musical interests and influences gelled the band up real tight and we went onto perform gigs after gigs. I wanted to play the bass, allowing me to set the pace and rhythm for the band exactly how I like doing so in real life.
I’m just a long haired, thick bearded guy who likes to play rock music.