Another brick in the wall


Time transgresses all bounds, changing the course of things which lie in its path, like a river eroding its way through land determining its path with unstoppable force. I lied in the path of time as well, letting it change me from phase to phase, from year to year.
Born into the world, I breathed my first gasp of air on a fine winter morning 12th November, 1994. Ever since that moment I have flowed with the current of time, trying to go against it, trying to fight it for I was an individual and never a sheep. School life ended in the blink of an eye and it was over before any of us could understand the velocity with which it went by. It was during the time of my post A level gap year during which things started making sense for me. A sense of direction prevailed within my vision as I set out for a quest of self-discovery. With a year of liberty, a year without educational pressures, a year without other responsibilities I managed to incorporate my passions within the limited time on earth.

all my life

The wimpy kid who was scared of lizards and cockroaches was now facing his actual fears rather than living in their shadow. I filled up copies after copies with thoughts that filled up my mind, trying really hard to make them rhyme. Never really reading into the work of renowned poets the only inspiration came from within my own self. I just liked the power of expressing my thoughts onto a crumbled piece of paper making the words rhyme to my liking. It felt amazing. I’m no poet neither do I intend on being one, but the way I satisfied myself with my ability to reflect upon my own thoughts through the power of the pen made me digest my own self a little better. Lyrics were written for songs that I intended on recording later in my life with my band Madlock.


Madlock till date must be my most prized possession. A rock band that came about as a result of best friends wanting to play some unrelenting rock music together. Similar musical interests and influences gelled the band up real tight and we went onto perform gigs after gigs. I wanted to play the bass, allowing me to set the pace and rhythm for the band exactly how I like doing so in real life.
I’m just a long haired, thick bearded guy who likes to play rock music.


Author: syedawaisjaffery

I’m just a long haired, thick bearded guy who likes to play rock music.

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