Free speech is not cost free.

Freedom of speech. The literal meaning of the two main words in this statement are so liberating in themselves that people often forget that when negating the statement. In most countries in the world, freedom of speech is one basic human right but the consensus that it should be exercised varies from people to people. What is this right to begin with? It basically is having to be able to speak their mind and heart without anyone being able to question them. Now the thought might arise in someones mind that why would someone not like having the will to be free, to have sovereignty within yourself. In my opinion, it is because humans are so helpless by their very nature that they feel so empowered by their liberty and often tend to forget the feelings of their fellow beings. They forget that their words tend to have such a lasting impact on the life, the mind, the actions of another person.

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In a country like Pakistan where there are divided sentiments about the freedom of speech and ratio between the liberal and conservative community has never been balanced or certain, this right is both a blessing and curse. It would be a tough row to hoe out if a correlation is drawn with events occurring in my country in order to the back the former statement so i would just state a recent event which occurred in Mardan University where a young student was recently killed due to exercising his basic human right.

Many have been interested about the idea of the right to speak freely. Essentially, this is a term that includes laws and directions on what people can state or can’t. As it were, it has the impact to control individuals’ dialect and thought. The United States among different nations have valued Freedom of Speech as they have considered it to be an essential right being shared by natives. Indeed, it has remained a colossal piece of the American culture. Be that as it may, there are steady annulments being postured against this idea. Maybe a couple of advantages and disadvantages of the right to speak freely can make it less demanding to settle on regardless of whether it ought to remain a noteworthy piece of the individuals.


This idea permits a man to have the ensured right of telling others about your considerations. In like manner, this will in any case let you say what you have to without the danger of fines or prison time regardless of the possibility that individuals don’t care for your thoughts. The idea of the right to speak freely has been viewed as a fundamental right by numerous in which they think of it as a premise in the continuation of well-being and prosperity of freedom. However, there are a few points that come mind with regards to the right to speak freely which can be hurtful and harmful to others.



As per article,freedom of speech also does not allow slander, libel, sedition, copyright infringement and revelation of classified knowledge. Viewed against these restrictions on US society, the constitution of Pakistan, under Article 19, explicitly lays down: “Every citizen shall have the right to freedom of speech and freedom of press, subject to any reasonable restrictions imposed by law in the interest of the glory of Islam, or the integrity, security and defence of Pakistan or any part thereof, friendly relations with foreign states, public order, decency or morality, or in relation to contempt of court, commission or incitement to an offence.”


18 thoughts on “Free speech is not cost free.”

  1. This article gives a truly riveting account of the views our society holds with regard to the constitutional right; freedom of speech. Bravo!


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