Freedom of Speech

Listen to my voice. If you require a reason for doing so, let it be only that I am human, individual, and I possess a voice. If you require a more compelling reason, let it be that I have something to say. This is my case; it is no different than yours.
Whatever goes on in the cloud of human consciousness is anyone’s intellectual property, and sharing it, in any manner whatsoever, is their right. Humans are a gregarious group of people who happen to require others as tools to further their stay on this little green planet. Talking, as we all know and understand, is not a problem for many among us; having words inside our heads is quite possibly one of our greatest human qualities. However, the problem arises when certain people dictate what to say, what to think, what to share.
The bulk of controversy surrounding this vast plane of words and expressions is concerned with organized thought forms and ideologies taking issue with what is said. Be it religion, culture or common law; we are no stranger to incidents of words purportedly ‘offending’ certain groups. Make no mistake: an ugly thought targeted at someone is wrong and there is no alibi for it. However, a thought in the semblance of words is still a thought, and not warranting of any action outside the realm of words. An offensive statement is only offensive if one believes it to be so – perhaps, this is why standup comedians swinging their feet in the murky waters of Dark Comedy or Satire face a lot of backlash. And yet they persevere, because they understand fully what the English author George Orwell once wrote:
“Nothing is your own except the few cubic centimetres inside your skull.”
And that is a beautiful thing to have.

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