The Armour of light

“I am a big big girl in a big big world”

“Ordinary girl with a lot of passion”

“First Impression”

Usually, After First encounter with me people call me Damn, She’s self obsessed, Arrogant, reserved even rude but the more you get close to me you will realise that’s the one side of story. In real I am sweet, friendly but only limited to small circle, Also often calls me rude because of me being straightforward.


I am free bird who can never survive in cage that’s surely because of how my parents have done my upbringing. They never tried to control me or my life but always supported my decisions and never imposed theirs.


I am not reserved person but It’s just that I limit myself to limited people, I just don’t like making temporary relationships and friendships and that is merely a reason why I don’t like socialising much.

I am party animal who loves partying, Trying new restaurants, hanging out with my best friends and family but even then I have limited myself to some boundaries some limits which I never cross despite my parents never imprisoned me in any restrictions #NotYourTypicalGirl 😉


I just love reading novels. It’s like whenever I start a new novel, I enter into new imaginary world. I start imagining the characters and plot in my mind. Moreover in me there is thirst for reading  more and more about dervish, that, how they have spent their entire life in the search of God. How they devoted their entire life for God. I also love listening Sufi Kalam’s. Sufi kalam’s sort of gives me inner peace.

“Evolving identity”

Since, I have always lived in joint family system. I am a person for whom family is everything. I can devote anything for the sake of my relations. It’s like when i see my relations it makes me feel more and more blessed that how they are always there for me no matter what. Also, My Best Friends are my major support system, They have always been there for me through thick and thin. That is why i call myself a person for whom relations are extremely valuable.

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Also I am extremely responsible person. Besides being a responsible person, I am also a person who is sympathetic. I have always been a sympathetic person even when I was really young. For example, when I walk on the street and saw some handicapped people or vagrants, I would help them by giving them money or whatever things that I can do for them to have a better living. When I see animals without a home, though I have zoo-phobia, I feel sorry for them and I might buy some food for them to eat. I donate money to the charities for orphans with my family and friends  as well. I feel sympathetic to many people in the world and therefore I do something to help them have a better living. I can’t see small kids begging around and whenever I see any kid, I get extremely upset. I have extreme obsession/love for few things like moon therefore I love sitting under the sky in the midnight and that’s how mostly I choose to end my day before sleeping.

“Every breath you take is a step towards death” Imam Ali (A.S)

I believe, When you imprint this quote of Imam Ali (A.S) in your heart and mind, Trust me your life itself gets easier. You start believing that everything in this world is temporary and you are just a traveler in this world. When you realise this, You find happiness in every small thing.

That exactly pretty much sums up me!

I believe

  • Nothings lasts forever.
  • Everything in this world is temporary.
  •  You come alone in this world, You go back alone.
  • Whatever goes around, Always comes around so always watch out your words and actions.
  • There is always a reason behind every happening.
  • Forgive others for the sake of your own peace.
  • Always, Always Stay positive because Allah is the planner.

“Ï go wherever the wind takes me”

I have a strong faith that everything happens for a reason, Every curve in your life takes you somewhere and you eventually grow with all of your experiences. That’s why i says i go wherever the wind takes me that I easily accepts the reality.

Lastly, I would say that I am still struggling in knowing myself.

If you wanna know more about me?

Sneak Peak into my diary of life with pictures, My instagram account 😉

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Author: asmanaqvi3

I call myself a mixture of Fire and ice. If you wanna know how my life has blended this mixture, Read my articles.

18 thoughts on “The Armour of light”

  1. One of the greatest qualities a person can have is being straightforward and truthful about themselves it takes a lot if guts and proves your sincerity in your relations so never change or let anyone make you feel you need to


  2. I would only say that “when you know your worth, no one in this world can make you feel worthless.” Proud of you my asuu ❤


  3. These qualities are very rare in people nowadays, I truly love the way you are, straight forward and down to earth! 💖 Xo


  4. so natural n so much like a story, well done keep it up 👍🏻 love ur way of expression n at the end dats what u are asu our princess love you 😘😘😘


  5. True art. I have hated reading stuff for so long but this got my interest. I loved it. Its really amazibg i guess otger writers should look forward to the work you have written. Finally you are one honest lad i know


  6. Definitely if anyone wants to know you must check out this blog. You expressed yourself so amazingly. Love the quotes 👌🏻👌🏻


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