Just another Blogger!

Why did the chicken cross the road? I think you all know the answer so I’ll spare the lame answer. I cracked that joke just so you could get to know me, I’m funny, lively and I like taking joy in the little things of life. I am a strong believer of this famous  quote:     

Now I may not be a professional blogger, but hey, this is a start, give me a chance and I might just make sense. I don’t like standing out and my main motive in life is not to be better than others, but just to be better than I was before.

I like surfing the net, watching movies, playing with pets, swimming and exercising (I adore food at the same time.

Like all of you out there, I have a role model as well, he was no celebrity but he was an admirable personality and I aspire to be as intelligent, inquisitive and successful as my grandfather. I have a very small circle of friends, but I select them wisely and I am blessed to have them.


Life has its ups and downs but what really matters Is for you to get right back up every time you stumble and you’ll do just fine. I only get this positivity when I see the country I live in and realize how I am one of the blessed ones and I hope to help those who were not as lucky as me in whatever way I can. For this purpose, I do some social work every summer. My social work may not be working for big NGO’s, it may also be starting by the helpers in my own home.


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