Social media – a prison? 

A prison, they say, is supposedly among the safest places to be in. Not only is it secure, but at the same time it has a constant supply of food, clothing and medical care. Yet, the purpose of creating them is to punish people for their wrongdoings. The idea is that what a person values the most is his freedom, constraining which will lead to behavioral change.

In the contemporary era, where the world has suddenly gone digital; the social dynamics have also evolved drastically. Speeches, debates, orations and representation of opinions are now reflected through the internet. As social media has taken the world by storm, its repercussions are evident. Today, information of all types is easily accessible through the web. From abusing Hitler to debating over Marx, from ridiculing the policies of Donald Trump to citing the Panama Leaks; social media has given liberty of a new origin to the masses. This freedom has enabled the growth of nations, as they are given room to think on their own. The sheer amount of information and analytical insight available is enough to expose the truth in its entirety. In addition, the mere ability to voice their opinions and to have an actual say in matters is a huge confidence booster for the users.


Like all good things, there are a few strings that come attached with such amounts of freedom. With no supervision or accountability, it has proved to have disastrous effects. Such is the human nature, that there is always a degree of inclination that moves them towards negativity. There is a thin line that marks the difference between freedom and crimes of hate speech, bullying and defamation among other things. On numerous occasions, the world has witnessed these lines being crossed, resulting in total chaos. Take the UK riots of 2011 for example, or the murder of Mashal Khan in 2017; where humans turned organized and turned into barbarians through some viral messages. To understand this example in depth you can learn about the murder of Mashal Khan by reading about it in this link:

Humans are a mysterious race, and our times are even more so. There is no concept of a world without freedom, but unsupervised version of it is just as bad as its in-existence. In order to benefit from it without creating havoc, accountability is all we need.


Author: mahnoorazhar20

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