5 Things to Think Before you Speak!

To my fellow readers, social media users and most importantly my KEYBOARD WARRIORS I am here to talk about some things that you should keep in mind, (being a responsible young individual in this growing society) before you update that Facebook Status, Tweet your thoughts or even, let’s say, move a finger on social media.

  • Speak the truth and only the truth and nothing BUT the truth!


Freedom of speech comes parallel with your morals. Only speak the truth and avoid all kinds of false alarms and allegations. Your words can spread like wild fire on the media and you don’t want yourself or anyone else getting into trouble now do you?

  • Avoid all Biases


Its human nature to be leaning towards one side of a situation due to personal reasons, but as a responsible blogger you must know of that thin line between supporting your cause and justifying it even when it’s wrong. Your point Is not to prove the world you’re right, it should be towards the betterment.

  • You’re entitled to your own opinion, as are others!


Don’t forget that you will be met by differing opinions on such a vast forum. Sensitive topics like religion, politics and ideologies change from person to person, so do not at any point think that you are right while the others are wrong. Just as you have your reasons to support your cause, so do others.

  • DON’T pick up controversial topics for the sake of getting likes.


It’s become a trend. You see a blog, you read a blog, and you comment under it just for the sake of picking up a debate. Healthy debate is good, but a useless argument just to prove you can be a good speaker really disses the idea of freedom of speech on social Media.

  • Don’t target others just to hurt them.

A recent trend that started on Facebook (Don’t be a media bully)  which I came across and felt the need to voice was how people started sharing pictures of some people and making memes out of them as a humiliation to the person in the picture. Don’t do that, free speech does not mean you are entitled to say anything and everything.


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