A simpler but Most Complicated.

Multitalented is a term which is easy to describe but difficult to perform, I am person who could claim about myself that i am a multitalented. There will number of flaws in me and my personality and work but it is the basic law of nature that a person could never be a perfect.
with the passage of time, worked in different fields of life from very extreme religious borders to very modern educational institute, from a middle class family to a youg businessman ,from a very “chup Chap” person to a host of tv shows, Radio programs and religious program in the whole world. This conflict in fields of life, which often disturbed me because people of all sides are very diffrent from eachother and as i enter to any party, they always see me in very suspecious way. If i go to religious meeting, people who know mw about my institution, they always questioned with a very different way and as i go to univesity, they always give me a tag “Molvi”.


A Host on Channel, A student in a modern university , CEO of an educational institute and a speaker of Religious programs, all aspects have conflict but this is talent to stand everywhere to prove yourself.

But instead of all these have many aspects and points which i have to improve. At all I will get perfection with the passage of time because Being a Ravian it is a possible Task


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