Right words to Speak

It is very easy to speak but it is wise advise to think before you. this is a reality as no one could return the past time, same like to that no one could regain the words speak from mouth.Freedom-of-Speech-united-states-of-america-21760995-960-720
freedom of speech give right to everyone to say which he want, to express his or her feelings, everyone has a lot of platforms to express but this is should be in mind that your words can hurt to others. and in case of religion, it could create a vast problem to a society. We should respect to the others religion, beliefs and affiliations.

“It is unbearable for everyone to say something against their religious aspects, no matter they belong to which religion.”

You could say against the personal views, political views, even against business matters and everything but freedom of speech doesn’t allow anyone to speak or pass any comment to the Religion.

Instead of Religion, freedom of speech could allow to express your views about everything but it must be considered that don’t give any personal attack or any comment on personal life of anyone. If a society give us right to say everything, it also compel us into the behavioural boundaries that how to respect the others personal life.


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