My very own First CAMPAIGN!


Ladies and Gentlemen,
I’m preaching a lesson,
And the merest mention,
Might cause social tension.
We live in an age of,
New things, super computing,
Mood rings, school shoo

Fast Commuting, Mass Polluting
Drastic measures are needed,
Why can’t they see it?
We poison the earth,
And then try to seed it.
Debate over free speech as
There is a solution,
You can break their control,
You heart starts the revolution,
Save your soul.”

Beautiful heart touching poem by MC Wiseguy, 2010 Vancouver, BC that goes well with our cause.

For having our very own campaign, a big Thanks to our instructor Miss Naeema Arch’ad for giving us that chance as at the center for inquiry we as students reckon that it’s the ideal opportunity for us as a bound together to stand up and pronounce that it is accepted only in a certain way.

Our Campaign for Freedom of speech began with two goals to highlight the positive as well as the negative side of Freedom of Speech on social media. So it was an activity to increase public awareness of these threats; discuss and to demonstrate that people value their right to freedom of expression and are eager to exercise it keeping in mind the moral ethics.

As freedom of expression is essential to the arts, we invited people on our official Facebook page to take part in this campaign.  You may join too & express!

Lastly we want masses to take action: to make each other aware of the current situation; to contact governmental leaders, diplomats, and others in positions of influence over laws and social norms regarding balance of free expression. We hope to show the world that the freedom of expression enjoys broad- global support if done rightly with a responsibility. It should not be whittled away, individual by individual, law by law, and not cause any innocent and peaceful individuals to suffer the consequences. Hence voices can’t be silenced but can be maintained well keeping in mind the the ethics. #Bethevoice


Author: fbskhan22

About me? I’m an amateur blogger and figuring this out as I go. Currently doing Bachelors in Marketing & Media. You can only know a part of me, I am a universal full of secrets so keep following my blog to explore more.

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